Our mission and values

Our mission is to offer you the La Turquoise experience, a unique approach designed to exceed the expectations of our colleagues, clients and partners.

We are motivated by three inspiring values: coherence, humility and transparency. While also fully acknowledging yours! 

Why choose us?

  • Our 30 years’ experience in professional liability

  • Our innovative and progressive mindset

  • Our partnerships with many well-known insurers

  • Prices and benefits exclusive to you

  • Outstanding post-disaster service: follow-up and support throughout all the formalities until your file is closed

Our expertise

The reason for our team’s remarkable expertise? La Turquoise attaches great importance to the continuous training of its employees and encourages a spirit of innovation. We closely monitor the latest trends in the property and casualty insurance market. Find out more about our areas of special expertise.


    Professional liability insurance

    • More than 30 years’ experience in professional liability insurance
    • More than 5,000 clients across Canada
    • A team of licensed brokers across Canada
    • An exclusive agreement with Intact Insurance

    Legal fee insurance

    • Unique products in partnership with FBA Solutions

    Claims settlement

    • Profit from our working relationship with RPMXPERT, a firm well-known to insurers as a specialist in professional liability claims

The La Turquoise experience is:

  • Being served by a passionate professional

  • Feeling important, listened to and understood

  • Knowing that you will always receive sound advice and be  assisted

  • Recognizing that it's really your interest that comes first

  • Experiencing spontaneous and sincere human interactions